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About Us



Is a community whose objective is to provide You with content for your entertainment and knowledge, including but not limited to: DIY (Do It Yourself) guides, software, tutorials and gaming-related videos!


..is my nickname (pronounced Mike), I'm the founder of TechCoders, a 27 years old Portuguese guy living in Germany, currently working at two companies as Software Developer.

Learned programming by myself, started when I was 14 years old after finding a VisualBasic book. A few years later completed a Information Technology & Management Technician certification (Vocacional Training) and started working as Freelancer. I also studied 3 ¬Ĺ years at the University: 2 years Informations Systems (University of Minho - Portugal) and 1 and half year Electronics and Computer Networking Engineering (Polytechnic Insitute of Viana do Castelo - Portugal) but didn't finished either as they were not challenging and I got to the conclusion that it's better to learn while working.

I'm still a Freelancer as a Programmer and a Programming Tutor in my free time.

Hobbies? Mostly Electronic related stuff, repairing small devices, making little gadgets for stuff like house automation, car electronics or anything I find interesting.
I also spend some of my time creating plugins or developing for several games.

I consider everything related to security extremely interesting, may it be in Electronics or Computers, both the how-to and the how to prevent it.

I'm a fast learner, I like challenges and always take my work very seriously. Because I worked several years as a Freelancer I do feel extremely comfortable with following direction or working independently. When possible I always try to achieve excellence.